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We just need a few pieces of information to get you set up!

Basic details

Your short name gets added to our website address, so that your staff and jumpers can find your system. Your system will be at: app.gcskydiving.com/* name *. The name will be converted to lower case and any spaces or punctuation (other than - ) will be removed.

Contact details

We don't send spam emails or make unwanted calls. This information lets you log into the system and contact our support team.

System settings

These basic settings control how you'll use the system. There are lots more settings to explore once you're set up, from the Admin -> Settings menu.

Different countries can list the date in different ways; which format suits your business?

Does your country have a national skydiving association that skydivers must be a member of?

Aircraft details

You must add at least one aircraft to create loads. You can add more once the system is set up.

Blue skies from here on!

You're done! We hope you enjoy using Ground Control and will be in contact soon after your system is created to provide you with more information on how to get the best from it.

To protect us from fake registrations please answer this simple question.
What three-letter acronym is used to describe the safety devices such as Cypres, Vigil, Argus etc.?